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I am Kevin O'kelley the owner of zoomieboy fabrications & machine repair. i started my career in the mechanical world at a very young age and was mentored by an older farmer who's philosiphy was to build something you needed versus buying it.

he tought me how to stick weld when i was about 9 years old and i thought that was amazing. i attended wyoming technical institute way back in 1987 and when i graduated  from there i went to work in the machining trade (scot industries, sugar grove il)  and learned some valuable skills that i still use today. at the same time i was working in the machine shop i worked part time at a truck fab shop in aurora il ( aurora truck body) where i once again gained skills that i still  use today. i left there shortly before they closed and went to work in another machine shop part time ( jahns sructural jacking elburn il.) where i learned quite a bit about the hydraulic industry ( they manafacture unified jacking machines used in the house/ building moving industry) skills once again that i still use today.

when it was my time to leave the machining world ( both scot and jahns) i went on the road for a company doing seamless gutters in florida and georgia, i got to see a diferent walk of life that the construction trade has to offer.

all throughout all of my walks in life i had been involved in some sort of high performance car activity ( crewing on top fuel dragsters, top fuel hydro boats, as well as building my own cars) so i went to work in a chassis shop in lilly lake il ( competition fabrications) where i did all sorts of race car related fabrication, welding, machining, wiring, sheet metal work and classic car restorations.

when the economy began its downturn i went to work in the equipment repair/ refurbish industry (rig source in elburn il) where i was introduced to yet another trade, i became very familiar with Geoprobe equipment as well as crawler carriers and drill rigs.

things changed yet once again in my career path and now i can offer all of my walks thru life under one roof to better serve the needs of my customers, i hope you enjoyed following my thru the walk of time


Opening Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM



phone 630-554-1776

fax 630-554-0944


62 stonehill rd unit b

oswego il 60543

About Us

Here at zoomieboy fabrications  machine repar the only thing we cant repair is a broken heart.

Our goal is to make every customer happy and leave with a good feeling about the  work they just had us perform.

Years of doing many diferent things have brought us to where we are today, wether it is custom fabrication of a dragster chassis  or just a routine service of a Geoprobe the same pride is put into it as if i owned it myself.

- custom fabrication of aluminum, stainless, steel, and other exotic metals

-machine repair of all sorts ( Geoprobe, paving equip, dump trucks, snow plows,  trailers, ect.)

-rebuilding of hydraulic cylinders

-custom wiring

-custom machining

-tube bending of all sizes and radiuses

-tig welding (aluminum, stainless,mild steel, alloy steel,, titanium ect)

-mig welding (aluminum, stainless, steel of all sorts)

- stick welding ( steel, aluminum)

- custom design and prototype work

-full race car chassis construction

- custom shet metal work (aluminum, steel, stainless, magnesium, titanium ect)

- classic car restorations

-hydraulic hoses made

- large selection of hydraulic fittings

services we offer

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